Pipe Fusion and Other Services in Helena, Bozeman & Billings, MT

"Our role as a service provider is to make our clients project easier & more profitable. That's the entire reason they hired a specialty sub-contractor."


HDPE Pipe fusion 1/2"-63"

Experienced- Efficient - Safe- Professional Fusion services


Our rubber tracked MFT12 Fast-Fusion machines are compact, highly mobile, & leave a very small environmental footprint. The MFT12 can quickly & safely operate in any urban environment. Light enough not to damage sidewalks and will not harm asphalt or lawns.

Very consistent MDPE/HDPE fusions.
Datalogged Fusion Data
Strict ASTM F2620 fusion procedure
Enclosed all weather fusion environment
Safely operate near traffic
Low footprint/trail
Up to 70% increased production over conventional fuse & Pull fusion process
Eliminates the need to drag pipe or use rollers. The MFT12 will fuse and lay the pipe in place.
Operates independently, eliminating the need for extra equipment or labor to load & hold pipe in place
Extreme consistency
Ability to fuse in rain, snow & much less vulnerable to wind than conventional fusion equipment
Night or day
Ease of mobility
Fewer hands required to do the job

Internal Bead Removal

No matter the size of the internal bead removal project we can help. Our technicians have fused several hundred miles of HDPE utilizing internal bead removal equipment. Internal Bead Removal Skill & Efficiency is only gained through experience our technicians have had the rare opportunity to develop that skill by removing massive volumes of internal beads with quality equipment.

Technical pipe fitting

From power stations to water parks Fusion Technologies, Inc. has it covered! Our skilled tradesmen can efficiently and accurately plan, layout, fabricate, install & test even the most complex HDPE piping project.


Thoroughly trained & experienced technicians
Precise & highly detailed installation procedures
Quality Equipment
All equals = Reliability

Fusion Training

TN-42 fusion operator qualification
Data Logger joint inspection training

Equipment rental

Fusion equipment for ½" - 18"
Electro-fusion equipment