Fusion Technician Training Program

By the Book

Our fusion technician crew receives comprehensive training based upon PPI TN-42 with real world application of international ASTM standards. Understanding fusion theory, procedures, common industry terms, and learning how to fill out detailed project paperwork sets our technicians apart in a top class of their own!

  • Fusion Theroy
  • Fusion Procedure and Safety
  • Fusion Calculations
  • Equipment Settings
  • Fusion Logs, JSA, other Field Paperwork
  • Fusion Labels and Stamps
  • DataLogger Operation and Cloud Upload

Fusion technician mentoring program

In the Real World

New employees spend 4-6 weeks under a mentor's supervision & leadership. They must pass a rigorous fusion training program, and demonstrate safety, competency, knowledge & professionalism before being permitted to operate independently.

Guided side-bend testing

This quality assurance method tests the ductility of fusions safely & efficiently and may be performed onsite. This destructive testing method places the entire wall thickness into tension and gives assurance of the ductility of fusion joint. This method is commonly used to qualify fusion operators, pipe material & equipment.

DataLogger Joint reports, fusion traceability

Joint reports reviewed daily
Joint reports stored in McElroy Datalogger Vault cloud storage
Joint data cannot be modified

McElroy trained fusion inspectors

Multiple fusion inspectors on staff trained by industry experts at McElroy University Tulsa, OK