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 Fusion Technologies, Inc. announces acquisition of a
obileFusion Trac20 (MFT20) fusion machine from Fast Fusion, LLC


The MFT20 has revolutionized HDPE pipe fusion by incorporating mobility and highly efficient pipe handling. Additionally an onboard patented, computer controlled, fusion joint cooling system dramatically increases hourly fusion production over conventional fusion machines.


Increase HDPE pipe fusion production 50% + in 8 hours over conventional fusion machines: wheel or track designs.


Reduce per foot costs 16% - 56% over conventional fusion methods


Safe, efficient, quality assured fusion production in the wind, rain, sleet, snow or darkness.  Weather is no longer an issue to worry about!


Complete your HDPE project ahead of schedule and substantially increase your NET profitability.


Rather than pulling pipe through a conventional stationary fusion machine, the MFT20 moves it’s self along pipe that’s been laid end-to-end, makes a fusion, then tracks 50’ to the next joint to be fused (see video).


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“We make your HDPE project successful!”




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