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Fusion Technologies, Inc. (FTI) is a family owned, Montana based HDPE fusion pipeline subcontractor.  Having an extensive background in HDPE thermal fusion, FTI was started by Les Klaudt in May 2000.   Les had a vision to become a specialty subcontractor that provided HDPE fusion expertise for customers with a lump sum signed subcontract.  

At the start our equipment was basic and functional, a McElroy Mfg. No.618 and an electrofusion processor.  With a desire to become more efficient, we began purchasing McElroy TracStar Series fusion machines; hydraulically operated, self-contained, self-propelled, track mounted and all-terrain.  These machines allow us to fuse more pipe and fittings in less time compared to wheeled equipment.  Today our entire fusion fleet consists of McElroy Mfg. TracStar Series fusion machines including a T900 (12” IPS – 36” IPS).


                                              TracStar No. 618                                                                                              Click for larger view


We still have the same desire to be more efficient and meet our customer’s needs for fusion expertise with a signed subcontract. 

To meet our customer’s need of greater efficiently in HDPE pipeline construction, Fusion Technologies, Inc. recently purchased a Mobile Fusion Trac20 (MFT20) fusion machine from Fast Fusion, LLC.  These technologically advanced fusion machines give you:

Ø      Increased HDPE pipe fusion production 50% + in 8 hours over conventional fusion machines: wheel or track designs.

Ø      Reduced per foot costs of 16% - 56% over conventional fusion methods

Ø      Safe, efficient, quality assured fusion production in the wind, rain, sleet, snow or darkness. 

Combining our experienced, factory-trained technicians and efficient fusion machines; Fusion Technologies, Inc, completes your HDPE project ahead of schedule and substantially increases your NET profitability through efficiency. =

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