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A pioneer in electrofusion technology, Central Plastics continues to break new ground in the field. Today, we are the leading manufacturer of electrofusion equipment and fittings. Central offers a large assortment of sizes and fitting types to meet many applications, as well as, a variety of electrofusion processors designed for different customer requirements. Central also offers a line of complimentary accessories.

At Central, we are committed to customer satisfaction, offering extensive field services and technical support to end users. Working hand-in-hand with the industry has made Central a leader in solving PE piping problems.

Our high-volume production techniques are geared to fast delivery and competitive prices. Constantly expanding capacity to meet industry demand, Central uses the latest molding machines and other equipment. The manufacturing process is computer controlled to enter orders promptly, make sure that the materials inventory is on-hand and follow the order through the system.

To assure the highest quality product, Central is vertically integrated, with most manufacturing processes in-house. Much of our manufacturing equipment is of proprietary design. Our in-house, state-of-the-art tool and die designs provide consistent precision through all production stages.

Worldwide standards and testing requirements are met on all products, and Central is ISO 9001 certified. Central Electrofusion Fittings meet worldwide standards including A.S.T.M., A.W.W.A., J.I.S., K.S., B.G. and I.S.O. Strict and precise quality control tests are performed on all molded fittings throughout production runs.

Central maintains a complete testing laboratory on-site. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel. Hot bath testing allows Central to test fittings and connections in accordance with industry standards. Tensile pull and quick burst are other common tests performed on PE products.

The Central Electrofusion equipment has been the leading method for joining PE piping systems for many years. Difficult tie-ins, space restrictions and security requirements in the gas industry create the need for reliable but inventive solutions. Central's visionary solutions coupled with its dependability and quality control make Central electrofusion the choice for gas utilities everywhere.


Central's electrofusion equipment and fitting is technologically advanced, designed from years of research and development under field conditions. It adapts to the many different configurations and installations that field operations demand.


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